Unlocking the power of reading

A fresh, new and easy way for adults to learn to read, at their own pace, one to one with a friend, family member or other mentor.

About Turning Pages

Turning Pages is a fresh, easy way for adults to learn to read, at their own pace, one to one with a friend, family member or other mentor regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

Turning Pages is changing lives like Jen’s. Aged 30 and with 5 children she’d been embarrassed all her life by not being able to read. Jen overcame that embarrassment to learn with Turning Pages and is now looking forward to reading with her children and ‘seeing them smile’.  

Like Jen, many parents and grandparents are experiencing the pleasure of reading with children and supporting their schoolwork for the first time.

All sorts of adults struggle with reading and Turning Pages can help them. Adults like Paul who’s ‘much more confident about doing the day to day things that life involves’ since he learned to read with Turning Pages.

Learning to read isn’t just a brilliant thing, 

  • It helps people change
  • It’s a gateway to new possibilities
  • It helps create and nurture relationships
  • It’s a joy

Created by literacy specialists for, and with adult learners, Turning Pages has been used by over 6,000 learners since its launch in June 2015. An academic review by Birmingham City University has shown its effectiveness in helping adults become readers, even if they've never read a word before.

Turning Page works because…

  • It’s one to one, anyone who can read supports someone who wants to learn
  • It’s a learners own choice, they go at their own pace & there’s no exams
  • Learners see a real difference in their skills, often very quickly
  • Learning is kept interesting through a range of interactive activities
  • Progress checks encourage learners & reading for pleasure is introduced early
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'In a little over 7 weeks I had gone from being a non-reader to being able to read short story books.'

Turning Pages learner
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'Thank you for helping me to learn how to read… a couple of days ago I was able to read my child's report for the first time ever.'

Turning Pages learner

'This report [Birmingham City University evaluation] highlights the positive impact Turning Pages has in terms of the reading abilities of participants.'

Jonathan Douglas, Director National Literacy Trust

Our background

Shannon Trust is a small charity with a big impact. Each year over 4,000 people in prison learn to read with the help of the Shannon Trust Reading Plan and a specially trained prisoner peer mentor. The results are life changing.

Since its introduction in June 2015, Turning Pages has been welcomed by people in prison, prison staff and literacy experts.

It's now available for organisations and individuals to buy. Any surplus generated by selling Turning Pages will be invested in our core work to make every prisoner a reader.

'Shannon Trust reading plans provide a successful, alternative way of learning to read for the many prisoners who have had negative experiences of formal education and struggle to engage in a classroom environment.'

Dame Sally Coates, Unlocking Potential. A review of prison education. May 2016

Shannon Trust

Thousands of prisoners are unable to engage in the rehabilitation journey because of their inability to read. We want to transform lives by inspiring prisoners who can read, to teach prisoners who cannot.

Visit the Shannon Trust website

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